Forever Vital

Introduction Forever Vital

Specialised in the current

 vitality-undermining complaints since 2020 up until now.

By means of frequency enhanced liquid supplements.  

Translated in 6 Theme Packages!

Brain &

 Nerve system

Increase Energy & Immune system

Heart & blood vessels 

Muscle, joints &




Respiratory, throat, 

nose & ear

Simply because

it works !

Theme Package A: Energy & Immune system

For Whom?

For everyone, young and old, who wants to be Fit and Vital.  Also suitable to reduce stress and persistent fatigue, increase your resistance (immune system) and as a 'maintenance package'

Theme Package B: Brain & nerve system

For Whom?

Who is forgetful, have headaches, concentration-, coordination- & balance disorders, shaking hands, jerky movements, dizziness, insomnia, lack of focus, depressed, confused, brain fog, anxiety, fear, loss of smell and or taste, depressed, passive, difficult to take action, slow recovery capacity and so on...

Theme Package C: Heart & blood vessels

For Whom?

Those who suffer from; Long covet, fatigue, inflammation, thick legs, cold e/o sleeping limbs, absent mindedness, palpitations, breathing, blood-clotting disorder(s), trembling, tiredness or blood pressure/cholesterol

Theme Package D: Muscles, joints & bones

For Whom?

For those with stiff e/o aching muscles & joints, calf cramps, pain due to incorrect posture and/or overload, back pain. 

Weakening bone density and muscle tissue and for people > 50 years and women in menopause.

Theme Package E

For Whom?

For those who start to cough more, i.e. flu-like symptoms, throat, nose and ear problems, quickly out of breath, low in oxygen, breathless, chest pain  and so on…

Respiratory system & 

throat,nose & ear

Theme Package F

For Whom?

For those with; constipation, diarrhea, acid reflux, fast weight loss and / or gaining weight, tiredness, lethargic, allergies, suffer from toxins and from body foreign substances, skin, back complaints.

Digestion system


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the Forever Vital method is a private initiative of men and women; when you engage with us, you do so on a basis of I, a man or a woman and do so in your own right, and agree to the following laws; 

the Forever Vital method & supplements are based on more than 25 years of in-depth knowledge of the human body as an organisation and these insights tested and 'measured' in practice, to know for sure 'what works', is summarised in the Forever Vital method and or the Forever Vital supplements, making being fit and vital also attainable for other men and women and their loved ones; 

we, the men and women of the support team, share our knowledge and experience from person to person privately in a clear manner so that every man and or woman learns faster how to optimise their own vitality and that of their loved ones; no body is the same and sometimes small adjustments are needed to optimise the functioning and/or possibilities of vitalisation, the knowledge and experience we have gained we consider our property 

all tests and results are interpreted and adopted by you, me: the man and or woman, as the sole stakeholder and at your own discretion; you, me: the man or woman, agree, that you are the sole person responsible and decide what and how the information, shared either in writing or verbally, is applied, including the suggestions regarding vitality supplements and other supportive Forever Vital solutions in whatever form; 

the responsibility of the men and women of the support team is to provide explanation/guidance in a simple and clear manner and for these reasons, continuous feed back/feedback is required on the results in whatever form, so that we refine the explanation and guidance for further optimisation of vitality results; 

the initiative and responsibility for feedback or feedback on the experiences (of yourself and or your loved ones) lies with the men and women who use the Forever Vital solutions; it is courtesy on the part of the men and women of the support team when we ask for feedback and or feedback; feedback or feedback is your own responsibility and is an essential part of vitality optimisation;

we reserve the right to amend these laws from time to time at our discretion; the use of support in any form constitutes your agreement to the amendment of these laws; we recommend that you re-read these laws regularly;

vitality is natural for every human and animal on earth; the men and women of the support team see it as our responsibility to optimise the quality of life together, as our contribution to the next generations, so that there is also a viable situation for the new generations to learn, grow and evolve 

for any contact in private between men and women, our motto is; coming together is a beginning, staying together is progression and working together is success; each person is free not to agree on in private exchange, only in that case contact with the men and women of the Support Team stops; any man or woman using the Forever Vital method and or solutions and or contact with our team, agrees to the notice (Notice)

to ask questions regarding these laws mail us via the contact form